Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Fabric Postcards and Beautiful Jewels

Today I finished the fabric postcards I was doing for the Global Piecers swap.  I've never done fabric postcards before and there is good news and bad news!  I've enjoyed making the cards and am pleased with my designs.  I made them to represent me, with some sashiko stitching I'd done, Japanese fabrics, buttons and lace. 
I'm not so pleased with the finish of the cards.  I used a zigzag stitch for the edging and have a lot of threads and frayed bits sticking through.  I have also discovered that the stitches perforated the postcards that I used for the backing and that they will therefore easily tear away from the fabric.  I think I should have used a fabric backing and maybe painted it with PVA to seal it and make it rigid. 
Never mind, the postcards are made with love and I hope the recipients like them (assuming the cards survive the postal system).
While I was feeling creative I made a necklace.

Look SHARON....

Sharon at Indigo Threads made the beautiful ceramic pendant and sent it to me and I added the beads and bow.  I hope you think it looks good Sharon, I am delighted with it.  The beads are moss agate and something else I can't remember the name of that I bought in Florida and have been sitting and waiting for the ideal project.  The other pendant (bottom row, second from the right on Sharon's blog) will be more simple, I am intending to hang it on a dark blue, velvet ribbon.  I'll post a picture when I've got the right ribbon.


  1. I love the look of your postcards - the overall effect of the combined sashiko, lace, fabric and buttons is perfect. They look like a tantalising glimpse of something bigger!
    Teresa x

  2. Mmmm, now which one is mine? Doesn't matter they are all beautiful, well done Lis, hope mine look half as good. Mine are going in envelopes when I post them.

  3. I hope these survive the post because they are really beautiful. Lovely work!

  4. Whoo hoo, Lis!! The necklace is just awesome! Great job!

    I love your postcards - they're beautiful. You might put them in envelopes to mail them. I had the same problem when I made postcards.


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