Saturday, 24 July 2010

Friday Night Sew-In: Saturday Morning Report, July

I had quite a varied Friday Night Sew-In last night, flitting about and doing lots of different stitch-related things. 
Firstly I finished this sashiko project which you can read more about at Sashiko Started It.  It's an online tutorial from Susan Fletcher at Sashiko Stitchers and has been great fun.
I then put my needle down and spent an hour or sew catching up with all your wonderful quilty blogs.  I love reading what you are all doing, both quilt-wise and in other areas of your lives.  I find such inspiration and support from fellow bloggers.
Back to the fabric and I worked on my 'Blush' wavy four-patch for a while and then made three fabric postcards.  There will be photos soon.
I was very good on the nice things to eat front.  As it's so warm and summery here I resisted the chocolately things and snacked on a bowl of gorgeous dark red cherries from Kent, delicious.
This morning I discovered I am a winner in Abbey Lane Quilts' gorgeous giveaway so I'm doing a happy floral dance.
Thanks Heidi and Bobbi for hosting another great FNSI.  Looking forward to seeing what you all got up to.


  1. Love the dragonfly! [sigh] Just one more thing to add to my list of things to try.

  2. what a beautiful butterfly, sashiko will have to go on my list of things to try! Well done on winning your book, love the hat, hint, hint , (grin!). Off for my Sunday morning walk in the sunshine - 16 degrees, not bad for the middle of Winter, eh!?!

  3. Your sashiko is just exquisite! And I'm anxious to see your postcards...I know they'll be great too!
    Sew-ins are so much fun, and sounds like yours was productive as well.
    You know, cherries and chocolate go together really well. Just sayin'...


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