Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thread Stash Report

Sew, Mama, Sew! is asking about our thread stashes plus there's a chance to win some great thread. 
I was surprised to see how much thread I have (although most of the DMC is left over from my cross stitching days so probably shouldn't count)

Here goes:

  • How did you select colours for your personal thread collection?
I always buy threads specifically for a project, rarely enough and then have to go and buy more.  I also buy thread I take a fancy to, these are usually those gorgeous variegated threads and also those textured natural threads that are hand-dyed.  I don't use these, just gaze at them from time to time.  I also make sure I have a good selection of neutrals which I buy in larger spools if possible.
  • Do you always match the colour perfectly to your project?
What do you mean by match?  I always buy a thread to use with a project but it might be a contrast.  I would usually piece in a matching thread but don't get stressed if it isn't an exact match.  I find a grey thread suits all sorts of colours and also use a lot of cream.
  • Do you ever use contrasting thread?
Yep, see above.
  • Do you use the same colour in the bobbin as the upper thread?
Usually unless I am quilting and the fabric on the back is a very different colour from the front and the contrast wouldn't work well.
  • What if a fabric has big areas of very different colours?
Grey or cream is good.  I'd try to match the colour tone rather than the actual colours.  I did once have to hand sew some variegated bias tape, switching sewing thread colour every six inches or so, what a nightmare, never again!
  • Do you have any tips or suggestions about choosing thread?
I have only recently come to appreciate the importance of the thread to a project.  My suggestion would be to try out various makes and find one you enjoy using and which works well for you.  Be prepared to pay well for good quality thread, cheap thread is a false economy and an insult to your fabric, design and time. 
  • Can you show us a picture(s) of your thread collection?

  • Do you ever buy thread because you fall in love with the colour (without a particular project in mind)?
Absolutely and I have chosen thread before fabric for a project too.
  • Do you “invest” in thread?
Yes, cheap thread is a false economy (see above).  I have recently discovered Aurifil threads.  They are smooth, lint-free and tangle-free for both machine and hand sewing and I adore them.  They're expensive but well worth it in my opinion.  Fantastic range of colours too.
  • What types of thread do you have? (elastic, quilting, all-purpose, wool, etc.)
Cottons of varying weights, metallic threads, variegated quilting threads, that transparent thread that I thought I should have but don't know what to do with, extra-strong "button" thread, some threads, such as polyesters, that I wouldn't buy now but will probably use up for tacking etc.,
embroidery silks, coton perle, sashiko cottons.... 
I also have some reels of thread that were my grandmother's, I wouldn't ever get rid of them but I'll probably never use them either.  Do you like the box?  I made that ;)
Thanks Sew,Mama,Sew!, looking at my threads has been fun.  Follow the link to see what others have in their thread stashes.

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