Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sashiko Online Tutorial 1

I didn't order the whole "Dragon Over Diamond Waves" kit from Susan as I have most of the equipment for the project already.  Then, when I read the email that came yesterday with the first part of the tutorial I realised that I didn't have the pattern!  I contacted Susan by email who quickly added a download option to her website and within a short while I had a .pdf winging its little way through cyberspace and into my laptop!  Clever eh?
This is already proving to be an interesting tutorial as Susan instructed us to trace the pattern onto interfacing and then iron it to the back of our sashiko fabric.  Previously I have marked the fabric directly with a white pen.  For this method  I used a permanent black marker - the kind I use for writing quilt labels (or used to use for writing names in my children's school kit, although things still vanished into the bottomless pit that is either the lost property box or their bedrooms).  By using a permanent ink I'm hoping it won't rub off on the white thread and make a mess of my sashiko.
My dragonfly seems to be the opposite way around to the illustration on the tutorial email, not that it really matters but I keep reading through and don't think I've gone wrong already.  I'm waiting now for tutorial two and itching to get stitching!


  1. Nice design - very unusual method, similar to the one used in Mary Parker's machine sashiko book. Is this going to be machine stitched in a sashiko style?

  2. Looking good. I traced of my pattern yesterday and then ironed it to my fabric. I left the iron for a second too long in one spot and managed to melt the interfacing. LOL! I think I'll still manage. It's just a little patch that's missing. He he! I'm looking forward to watching your progress. I admit that I'm a little worried about stitching through the 2 layers.


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