Saturday, 2 October 2010

Autumn's Bounty

It's a beautiful, autumn day here today and I've been collecting conkers.  Not to bash against each other in the school playground but to keep the spiders away.  I don't know if this really works but it's worth a try, the spiders are massive this year!

I'd forgotten how beautiful horsechestnuts are.  I'd read that, because of the weather and a disease affecting our trees that they were going to be small this year but I found some of very impressive size.
That prickly outer case must be a good deterrent to whichever animals would like a feast on horsechestnuts but is soon cracked open by small boys seeking a good conker.  Then the soft, velvety, "blankety bed" is revealed and there might be one, two or even three horsechestnuts nestled inside.
The patterning on the conker is like a wood grain and so shiny and intense in colour, a little miracle of creation that is revealed to whoever opens that outer shell.

This morning though the spiders' webs were sparkling with dewdrops, like diamonds in the sunshine once the early fog cleared.  If only the creatures themselves would stay in the garden.

My blog list was getting a little unmanageable and so I've tried to sort it out this morning.  All the lovely Japanese-linked blogs I read are now linked to my sashiko/Japanese textiles blog:  Sashiko Started It
and the quilting and other blogs that I find inspirational are listed to the right.  I hope I haven't accidently deleted any blogs I enjoy.  Blogs of quilting shops and other suppliers that I use are listed separately, along with those wonderful blogs full of tutorials, links and great tips - thank you for all the work that you do keeping these up.
If I've deleted you or put you in the wrong place, please shout and accept my apologies now.

Plan for the rest of the day
1.  Complete and post my registration form for the Quilters' Guild AGM in Exeter next April
2.  Buy some edible goodies for our anniversary meal tomorrow, 19 years, incredible, where does the time go?
3.  Sew.
4.  An evening of relaxing television, Merlin, Strictly....I know, I know, but why not?

Hoping you all have a good weekend too.


  1. I have been collecting conkers with Alice and Hamish from the bus stop and I must say some of them are absolutely huge!As for spiders we have one big brown hairy one with beady black eye's who lives in our bathroom Hamish gets so excited when he see's him in the bath I haven't got the heart to kill him I keep scooping him up in a jug and putting him out of the back door,and a week later he re-appears in the bath.Let me know if the conkers thing works.
    Love and hugs Georgie xx

  2. Ahh the memories that must be made collecting chestnuts(conkers!) I must have a sort out of my blog list too, I have been adding a few lately, there's so much inspiration out there!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. You're bringing back the memories Lis! I don't think they do conkers here? Having a younger brother I was well versed in the perfect conker - soaked in vinegar and then a hot oven for 10 minutes - any longer and you had to run pretty sharpish to get away from Mum and the explosion in the oven!!!!


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