Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Norfolk Quilters' 30th Anniversary Exhibition - 2

My favourite quilts from the Norfolk Quilters' Exhibition include this wonderful kimono.  It was made by Sylvia Allen who was inspired by a quilting friend in New Zealand and helped with developing the idea by her husband.
Isn't it strange how you can look at lots of quilts and then end up selecting two by the same quilter?  These are both by Linda Turner.  The wonderful "Dark Woods" was inspired by these lines from Dante's "The Divine Comedy":
"In the middle of the journey of our life, 
I found myself in a dark wood, 
for the straight way was lost"
It was one of those quilts that looked simple from a distance but then the more you looked the more there was to see and enjoy.
"Trailing Vines", also by Linda Turner, is one of a pair of quilts, designed for a friend who presented her with two FQs in the bitter winter of 2009/10 in Virginia, USA.  I was attracted by the positive and negative design and the colours.
My steward's "station" was directly in front of this wonderful sashiko quilt by Christine Allen.  I found myself  hearing so many lovely comments about it that I had to fetch Christine to swap stations with me so that she could hear for herself what people were saying. 
Christine worked from one of Susan Briscoe's books and was challenging herself with this quilt to do some hand stitching.  This quilt was completed in three months.


  1. Oh Lis, this is stunning. I like to have a block in my boro quilt. Thanks for sharing - Hugs Nat

  2. All lovely and PURPLE! One of my very favourite colours.
    I can see the trees in the woods; but not too clearly.
    The stitching is simple but wonderful.

  3. It is a small world when we can see Japanese influence in quilts from all over. Nice post!

  4. These are beautiful! I love the Dark Woods!


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