Sunday, 10 October 2010

Mitsukoshi Quilt Show

I read on Julie's blog that she had enjoyed a visit to the Mitsukoshi quilt show and immediately set about trying to find out a little more. 
I didn't do very well but this site had pictures of some of the quilts and I was able to use Google Translate to come up with something for some of the Japanese.  There is certainly some inspiring work here.  I love this quilt illustrating the seasons:
  • 「日本の四季」岡部美咲(千葉) 
    "Four Seasons of Japan" Okabe Misaki (Chiba)

Japan has been brought to the patchwork quilt of cultures, about 40 years now. 
Initially, the U.S. began with imitation of antique quilts, the original material created by the Japanese sensibility, "Quilt of harmony" has already become the world's attention now.  
This exhibition, drawn from across the country with 100 leading Japanese quilt artist, "Shapes and Colors of Japan", which is to bring together a new exhibition on the theme.  
And was used as the material of the kimono fabric has been handed down from ancient motifs unique to Japan, including works by artists represented in sensitivity will again be able to recognize subtle Japanese aesthetic feeling deep.
  • 「春の海」黒羽志寿子(東京) 
    "Spring Sea" Kuroba Shizuko (Tokyo)
  • 「波曼荼羅」郡司祥子(奈良) 
    "Mandala wave" Gunzi Yoshiko (Nara)
  • 「千鳥」沢田淳子(神奈川) 
    "Tidori" Sawada Atsuko (Kanagawa)
  • 「悠久」宮谷真知子(兵庫) 
    "Hisa Yuu" Tomoko Makoto Miyatani (Kobe)
  • 「昔のおはなし」矢沢順子(東京) 
    "Old Story" Yazawa Naoko (Tokyo)
  • 「SYO#43 古人の想いを色に繋げて」 
    "SYO # colors to tie into the feelings of the ancients 43"
    Harue Konishi (Tokyo)


  1. There's a bit more info about the event on the Asahi Shimbun website -

    It's on until November 10th, 10a.m. - 7p.m.,7th floor gallery in the Nihonbashi branch.

    Looks like it would be worth a visit.

    I once bought some nice cotton sateen futon fabric samples in a shop opposite Mitsukoshi! The store also sells tabi in different width fittings.

  2. Wow the seasons quilt is beautiful is there a pattern for this one?

  3. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous quilts. The English translations are a hoot!

  4. If you like Japanese fabrics, this was truly the show to see. Next event of note will be the Yokohama Quilt Show at the Pacifico November 26 - 27 - 28. It is usually a big show with lots of vendors.


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