Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Sewing, Sam and Quilt Show Tickets

This morning I went to my local sewing group, Crafty Time Out, for the first time in absolutely ages (what with the summer break and then my little stay in hospital).  It was so lovely to spend time with my friends there again, see what wonderful things they are doing and generally catch up.  I did a little work on my latest sashiko piece and managed to resist the fantastic cake that Georgie brought in for us, baked by her hubby, Mark.  Georgie's giving away a great cross stitch book on her blog by the way so do pop over and say hello.
I could only stay for part of the session as I had another lovely task to do - looking after my scrumptious Sam for the afternoon while my daughter revised for her OU exam next week.  This was a hard job but somebody has to do it, and what a delight he was, as ever.
So it's been a good day, and it was great to see the gradually turning leaves and the autumn sun today.  Plus, when I got home my tickets for the Autumn Quilt Show at Chilford had arrived.  My beloved is joining me for that one, something tempting about the vineyard I think!


  1. Sounds like the perfect day! Love Chilford! Such an intimate venue :)

  2. Pleased to hear you enjoyed your day out!
    Gorgeous photo of Sam too!

  3. Sam is a cutie isn't he, I bet he keeps you on your toes ;-)


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