Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Dragonfly In Blowing Grasses - Getting Started

I've got my Dragonfly in Blowing Grasses marked up ready for stitching. 
I used an ordinary permanent marker to trace the design - the kind that comes with a packet of labels for ironing onto children's school uniform - it does the job. The last thing we want is for the ink to transfer to the white thread.  I'm using DMC Coton Perle in weight 8 by the way. 
I'm still not sure I like this method of transferring the design to the back of the work but do like the way the interfacing supports the sashiko fabric. I think for my next piece I will use interfacing on the back and mark the design on the front.
I have a meeting of Crafty Time Out tomorrow (the first one I've been to for some time after my spell in hospital) so I'll take my sashiko with me and should be able to make a good start if I don't chat too much. 
So, here goes.  If you want to join in with Susan's second tutorial the details are here.

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