Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cowslip Workshops and a Giveaway

Warning:  my posts are going to be photo-heavy for the next few days and full of gushing superlatives.

I'm just back from the Quilters' Guild Conference which was held in Exeter this year.  I've never attended this annual event before and didn't know what to expect.  I have to report that it was a fabulous weekend, helped in no small part by the most excellent weather, wall to wall sunshine.  The venue (Exeter University Streatham campus) was very good although a little steep.  It's all very well being perched gloriously on top of a hill and enjoying marvellous views but when you go down you have to come back up!  The workshop I did was great (more on that in another post) and the lectures I attended were very stimulating.

 These pictures were taken at the Gala Dinner, the dress code was black and white
There was an optional visit to the Cowslip Workshops near Launceston and that's mainly what this post is about.  I had to do a little shopping as it's rude not to and also it's nearly my second blogiversary. 
 Here I am outside the quilt shop at Cowslip Workshops
It seems amazing that I've been writing this for two years, it's been fantastic and I've loved making lots of new friends, sharing their quilting and non-quilting lives and getting loads of inspiration and help.  I saw two bits of loveliness at Cowslip that I thought would make good giveaway gifts and you can have the choice if you're the lucky winner. 
Choose from this lovely rotary cutter holder:
 or this cute egg cosy:
Not many hoops to jump through this time just leave an answer to the following question on this post (one chance), all my lovely followers get an extra chance as a thank you from me.  Good luck.

The dress code at the QGBI Gala Dinner was black and white.  
What is your favourite combination of colours and why?

Cowslip Workshops is a great venue for quilters with a shop full of yumminess,
in a beautiful setting in rural Cornwall.

Owner, Jo Colwill, had arranged a special day for us with a guest trader, Liz Drake, who had a wonderful stall full of thoughtfully presented antique textiles and brocante.
Jo, pictured here,
also allowed us to wander in her beautiful house and had prepared a very delicious cream tea for us.  For visitors there is a cafe/restaurant on the site which is visited regularly by local people and non-quilters such is the quality of the food.  It was a privilege to see inside the house which was full of the evidence of Jo's creativity:

There was also a very special exhibition on over the weekend which I will share with you in a separate post (with photos of course).  There is a good programme of exhibitions and special events plus a full range of great workshops at Cowslip.  If you're in England, or visiting, sign up for the newsletter to be kept up to date, I might see you there!
Finally, here's a photo of yours truly and friends at the Gala Dinner and a reminder of the giveaway question:
The dress code at the QGBI Gala Dinner was black and white.  
What is your favourite combination of colours and why?


  1. Wow Lis what a lovely giveaway I just love that cute rotary cutter case.Hmmm not sure what my favourite colour combination is although I do like black and white as it's very crisp looking!
    Hope your well & congrats on your blogaversary.
    Love and hugs Georgie xx

  2. Great post! Did you bump into my freinds Tina and Angela? Fave colour, Hmmm, well anything and lime green of course! lol And you have to ask why? Well just because! lol Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  3. Not sure if we're supposed to do an entry for following....but you know I am a follower...

  4. Looks like a fun event! My favourite combination of colours - well that depends on where I'm using it. For clothes I like black or grey paired with a colour like burgandy, red, aqua, yellow, or pink. Thanks for a chance to win.

  5. trudi is fibbing, she loves purple and lime green best, same as me, purple for the drama and lime green for the ZING!

  6. If I ever get down to Cornwall (not a county that I've visited - don't know why) then Cowslip Workshops looks like a must. It was lovely to meet up with you again - albeit for a short while. Pleased that you had a wonderful weekend with lovely weather. Congrats on your "blogiversary"

    PS Black and white is my favourite combination with a dash of something bright to go with it - red's good.

  7. What a wonderful occasion. I loved Joe's house and all the quilty goodness there. My favourite colour combo is greens/oranges. I'm somehow drawn to autumnal and rustic colours. Could be something to do with living in the country!
    Teresa x

  8. Black and white is always good for formal attire, but I especially like red and green together. Not primary color red and grass green, but muted tones. Makes my heart sing. I also like red and aqua (or turquois). I like complimentary colors in my quilts.
    Thanks for posting the quilts at Jo's house. Very pretty.

  9. Lis, lovely pictures of Cowslip they bought back so many memories of workshops and big spends. Jo is such a nice person and always makes you feel welcome . Ah those were the days.

  10. Hi. I'm a Lincolnshire girl who was at the AGM! The hills helped me to fell less guilty about the cooked breakfasts!!! I had a fantastic time, will you be joining me in travelling north next year?

    Favorite colours?? Just like Trudi, lime greens and purples. Sweetpie, Trudi and I all sat together at a talk by Janet Bolton tonight You guessed it, we all had lime green on. If we manage it tomorrow I will take a photo of us at the workshop.

  11. Happy Blogiversary!!
    Looks like you had a great time!
    I'm hoping to go to the exhibition at Midsomer Quilting tomorrow - anyone else going??
    I love blue and white


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