Friday, 1 April 2011

Retreat Photos

As promised here are some photos of what I've been working on.  Please excuse the quality, I have a new computer with a different photo editing programme and haven't got to grips with it yet.
This is the quilt using Nara Gardens fabric.  I've pieced the quilt top and now it needs a good press and a large clear space so that I can layer it and pin it and then get on with the quilting.
I am pleased with how this design went together but think I should have chosen fabrics with a better contrast for the framed square.  The eau de nil fabric is fine but the other one has too much black for the design to be obvious.  I like it though so I won't be changing it!
The pattern and kits to make these cute shopping list/notepad holders were. given to Dayspring Quilters in Norfolk for IQD 2011.  The pattern is copyright of Village Fabrics Ltd in Oxfordshire.  Please reward their generosity by taking a look at their website:  I made the pink and green one for my DD and the blue and cream one below for myself.
I'm not very happy with these butterflies but they are done and dusted and I've learned from them.  I made them for a fabric postcard swap and thought cutting them out would be interesting.  That's one word for it.  The theme was "my favourite film" and I chose "The Butterfly Effect" - a great film, much, much better than my postcards!
This next project is coming along nicely.  As you can see it is a New Zealand themed wall hanging and I've got it quilted and ready for squaring up and binding.  A wet afternoon should see it finished and hanging on the wall in our bach in Norfolk.
Still on the New Zealand theme, this piece is completely finished.  It's a small wall hanging after Gail Lawther's "Seascape" in her wonderful "Glimpses of New Zealand" book.   I was unable to get a place in her workshop at FoQ last year but bought a little selection of fabrics from her to make this quilt.  The one she made is smoother, she put it together in a foundation piecing style whereas I have gone for keeping all the fabric edges exposed - I suppose my sea is a rougher one than Gail's, maybe a West Coast sea, but then the sand should be black
So it's onward and upwards.  Tomorrow I'm going to the Doughty's fabric roadshow to get fabric for Exeter next week, for whatever DD has planned in purple and also, big drum roll here and a shouted 
I'm also planning to get fabric to go with "our" panel Michelle,  can you believe it?  While I was having my little retreat I worked out the design for the Essence of Clair table runner so I hope that will work out well and I think (!!) I know what I'm doing with our lovely Spring panel so watch this space closely!  I'm really enjoying working on all these NZ projects, they remind me of a great holiday and all the lovely people I met.


  1. Your Sea scape turned out really well. I like it.
    I'm glad you visited NZ when you did...before all the quakes etc.
    I'm going to be visiting UK in a couple of months, but doubt I will be in your area. If there are any quilting exhibitions / shows on in June or July that you know of over there I'd love to hear about them - just in case I could get to see them - Thanks. Ali.

  2. Wow, you've been busy, love the sea scape wallhanging it looks fabulous. I'm excited to see what you have planned for the Essence of Claire table runner as for the panel I better get mine out and make a decision on what I'm going to do!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I hopped here from Trudi's blog, and am so glad I found you :-). Can you give me the name of the Nara Gardens quilt - I love it! I also love the movie, butterfly effect: daughters and I watched in three times in one evening just to get our heads around it - so clever! And finally I have a passion for landscape quilts, and love yours ... Is it for the BQLswap? If so I'll have to get my skates on and enter so I can hope!


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