Thursday, 31 March 2011

Retreat Report 1

I had quite a productive time on my little retreat and will share some photos in the next post.  Today I'm up to my eyes in catching up (washing etc, groan) but I did have a wander around the estate and found a very brave asparagus spear poking about 2" through the soil, just the one but such promise of delicious things to come (I wonder if there'll be enough for a starter when you get here Teresa?)  The tulips are looking lovely and the blossom on all the trees around is just stunning this year, I think that chilly winter did everything good.  A delivery of seeds arrived a couple of days ago so I'm hoping for a warm few days to get things going.
Tomorrow I've also got to get things together for my next jolly.  I'm going to the Quilters' Guild AGM/Conference in Exeter next weekend and will be doing a class with Lynne Edwards among other delights.  This means I need to go to the LQS to get the class requirements!  Fortunately Doughty's are having a roadshow nearby on Saturday so I'm going there with DD (who I believe has another project for me, in purple!)
Okay, back to the river to get on with the washing, more tomorrow and photos, I promise.

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