Monday, 7 March 2011

More Maltese Craft

Here's another photo heavy post about my recent holiday in Malta. 
We visited a lovely little folklore museum on the island of Gozo and I took a lot of photos of the textile-related artefacts (surprise, surprise).  It amazes me that some of these things have survived the years and they were wonderful to see. 
As well as spinning, weaving and lacemaking other crafts were represented in the museum including those of the blacksmith, the carpenter and the potter.  I was fascinated by these fishing baskets, so fragile-looking and beautiful.
Fishing baskets

Winders for cotton and wool
Bobbin winder
Bobbin spinning wheel
Spinning wheel
Scales for cotton
Cotton in the scales' basket
Cotton gin
Weaving loom
Fabric woven on the loom
Lace pillow
Bobbin lace on the pillow

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  1. That lace making looks so intricate, I wonder how long it takes to make even 5 cm! Great pictures, thanks for sharing Lis.


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