Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fabric Postcards for Spring

It's a beautiful day in the Lincolnshire Fens today, the sun is shining and the thermometer reads 15.5C, very spring-like indeed.
I've finished the fabric postcards for the latest BQL swap and here they are.
Can you see the lovely embroidered butterflies I used?
While I was finishing off the decoration on the cards I was listening to the news and to stories of all the tragic things that are happening in our world at the moment.  It seemed a good idea to add a "yellow ribbon" to the last two cards I made.
I then discovered I've made one too many cards for the swap (again!) so somebody is going to be getting a little surprise in the post.  Enjoy.
Oh, by the way, did anyone see Griff Rhys Jones in India on BBC2 last night?  The programme was all about textiles and was very interesting (although I would have liked a closer look at some of the pieces he was talking about!)  It's worth catching it on iplayer if you have the chance, the link is and this is what the BBC website says about the programme:  "In his quest to find out if traditional art still thrives among the indigenous people of the world, Griff Rhys Jones goes to India in search of exquisite textiles. Can he solve the mystery of an extraordinary Indian floor cloth kept in Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire for over 300 years? Who made it and does the skill that produced such a work still exist?
Griff travels to Gujarat in India, famed throughout history for its beautiful handmade textiles. He goes off the beaten tracks to the towns and villages of the north-west plains and discovers how centuries-old printing, dyeing and embroidery techniques are still the cornerstones to a way of life.
Finally, he travels to the heart of one of the most reclusive and fiercely traditional societies in India, the Rabari, who are famed for their toughness and their astonishing embroidery. Here, women spend years sewing dowry gifts - but can the custom survive in the 21st century?"


  1. Fabulous looking postcards, Lis! Perfect spring colours.
    My girls went out without coats today for a short trip - first time this year. Spring must really be on the way, mustn't it?

  2. It looks like spring is finally on it's way for you folks. The postcards look great Lis, the one you made me is on display(it's the one with the autumn leaf!) I love it!

  3. Lovely postcards, very spring like. Lovely start to the day and seeing blossom on some trees.

  4. Love the cards, lace and buttons all the nice things. I did see the Indian programme enjoyed it but kept thinking, stop showing him talking and focus on the embroidery.


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