Thursday, 10 March 2011

Final Pictures from Malta

Here are a final few photographs from my trip to the Maltese Islands and then normal, stitching, service will be resumed.
I've been making some fabric postcards today which I'll be able to share once they are delivered and I did some sewing while I was in Malta which I'm going to work on tomorrow.
It's been so lovely to see the sunshine even though it's not been very warm.  I've ventured into the garden and was delighted to see how many flowers were braving the chill:  snowdrops (which have been wonderful this year), crocii, daffodils, lots of different blossom and lots of lush green shoots pushing up through the soil promising wonderful things to come.
These buses are a feature of Malta's roads, used by locals and tourists alike and held together with faith and string.  Sadly they are being replaced this summer when Arriva take over the bus system.


  1. Flowers, wow and sun shine love it. Those are neat buses.

  2. That's a shame about the buses but I suppose they have to consider safety. These photos brought back memories of when we went to Malta particularly the aforsaid buses and the bay which looks like one where the rest of the family went on a boat trip to a cave and I watched from the cliff.
    Teresa x


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