Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Quilt Retreat

As the quilting retreat I was involved in planning for later this year is not now happening I thought I'd have a little retreat of my own.  I've gathered a bag of quilting and a box of quilting, my sewing machine and a pile of books and magazines.  Hopefully there'll be a lot of progress and even a finish or two to report when I get back online.  Wonder if DH will cope?!  Last weekend we had a lazy eating two days as he was helping to fit SiL's kitchen and I was celebrating IQD.  We bought ready made food (we don't usually), bags of salad, a tiramisu in a plastic container, Thai fishcakes in a plastic container, pizza in a box etc etc.  I was staggered at how much I spent on food for just two days and by how much rubbish it produced.  Roll on the veggies growing!


  1. I totally get the trying to do quick "ready to go meals" ... we're in the middle of a bathroom decoration turned renovation. One night we had bun-less burgers - I call it burger salad cuz you just pile the toppings on. And I've forgotten what we did the other night ... slowly I'm going to get some 20-minute meals added to my cookbook blog. But I *did* plant 40 lettuce, celery and parsley starts yesterday :) I can hardly wait for the garden to start producing.

  2. Hi Lis
    That's a shame about the quilting retreat, maybe another time;o)
    Nothing like homemade and homegrown, we have been enjoying lots of fresh salads from the garden this summer!

  3. Sometimes, organising your own retreat is the only way to get some serious quilting done!
    I'm also looking forward to this years garden produce - we've started the rhubarb and OH rotorvated the veg patch on the weekend.
    Teresa x

  4. Hi, Perhaps we could have a retreat for two in a few weeks time? My lovely Bernina went in for a service today- I do have it with me,sad- I told him I bought it 10 years ago and it's never been serviced. He said they recommend doing it every year. Oops, what will they find!


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