Monday, 14 March 2011

Non-Fabric Loveliness

I went on a bit of a spending spree today but in the local garden centre and also the big orange warehouse place rather than in the LQS.  This is what I came home with
all that promise and the excitement of creation and things to come, not dissimilar from buying fabric really.

On the quilting front I had a long session with the rotary cutter yesterday, starting to cut for my "Round and Round Nara Gardens" (working title) quilt and then discovered to my dismay that I have insufficient of the Nara Gardens fabric.  Derrr!  Better go to the LQS after all :)  Does anyone else find that however carefully they do the fabric calculations there's always either something short or a lot leftover?  Maybe I'm buying in metres and calculating in feet or something! 
On the positive side I did use a new rotary blade and a new machine needle when I started piecing, bliss.  This is my rather late new year resolution, to always use a new blade and needle for a new project, it was like the proverbial knife through butter.  Oh, sadness, I've given up butter for Lent and now I've thought about it and could just eat a fat slice of hot buttered toast!  Okay, time to stop rambling and draw a plan of where those lovely flowers are going to burst into life in my garden.


  1. Oh the fun those flowers will be, I can just imagine all their smiling faces! Would love to see some garden pics one day(please)What are you working on at the moment?

  2. It's a lovely feeling to be able to buy plants and have the joy of planting them out and looking forward to them growing. I'm getting to grips with the gardens but at the moment it's clearing weeds and cutting back stuff that's got out of hand since renting the house out. With the clocks going forward it'll be nice to potter in the garden once again


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