Friday, 11 March 2011

Good Haul

I just wanted to share these lovely finds with you all.  I don't often buy old linens as they are quite pricey here now but I couldn't resist these two tablecloths that I found in Norfolk.  For the work the price was nothing really and I'm going to use them as cloths rather than cut them up to use in other projects.  I have a great friend who sends me wonderful packages of embroidered napkins, hankies etc that she finds in her local charity shops in Australia.  I like to use them in fabric postcards such as the one I made for a Global Piecers swap.  You can see it here.
I was also unable to resist this gorgeous silver needle case.  It's had a hard life and has a few dents but it was made in the nineteenth century so it's no wonder really.  It needs a bit of polish and some tlc but I adore it and, like the cloths, I'm going to use it.
Isn't it strange how some trips to charity, bric a brac and antique shops are wonderfully successful but some trips result in nothing at all?  I've recently discovered Oxfam online, like going to a charity shop but without that smell!  Last night I browsed the bric a brac and was tempted by one or two things but resisted, and then I started looking through the vintage silk scarves.  Oh dear, far too easy!!  Have a great weekend whatever you do.


  1. Lis, Full of envy, they are beautiful

  2. I love embroidered table cloths, what a great find.

  3. Those are nice finds! I can see why you bought them. I always try to pick up nice embroidered things when I can find them too. The cutwork table cloth is amazing.


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