Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Giveaway Winner and a Lynne Edwards Fest

I am delighted to announce that the winner of my blogiversary giveaway is
Number 100
(chosen by my personal random number generator aka DH)
who is one of my lovely followers:   
Terri at QuiltnCards
Well done Terri, let me know whether you'd like the rotary cutter case or the egg cosy and email me your address and I'll get your prize on its way to you.  Thank you to everyone who follows my blog and comments on my ramblings, I really appreciate you all.

You will know I am a fan of the wonderful Lynne Edwards having started my quilting with her sampler quilt books.  I was tempted to attend the Quilters' Guild Conference by a workshop with Lynne on Patchwork in Perspective and it was a great class.

Things turned out even better than that as there was an outing to Cowslips Workshops on the Saturday afternoon of the conference.  Here we enjoyed an exhibition of Lynne's quilts, including the famous Cathedral Windows.
They were beautifully displayed in the barn, the tearoom and the classroom and looked wonderful.

Now both the ladies I was in Exeter with were busy on Saturday afternoon, Betty with a class and poor Ros with official meetings as she is a regional coordinator.  I enthused about my outing and Ros offered to drive us to Cowslip on Sunday afternoon after conference closed.  This is when my weekend became perfect.  The sun was shining, Cowslip was sitting blissfully in the Cornish countryside with the views across the fields to Launceston castle, I bought fabric in the shop for "our" panel Michelle, and we were sitting enjoying a Cornish cream tea
(wonderful scones, homemade raspberry jam and to die for clotted cream) when Lynne Edwards asked if she could join us.  Well, as you can imagine we had to think about this for a few minutes :)  After finishing our tea we said we were going to look at her quilts and Lynne came with us, giving us a privately guided tour after closing time.  I cannot explain how privileged we felt and what a joy it was.  What a wonderful way to finish the weekend.  Thank you Lynne (and Jo Colwill without who there would be no Cowslip Workshops).  Am I gushing?  Well, why not, it was that brilliant!  Here's a selection of Lynne's quilts for you all to enjoy:

 Blue Lily Quilt, 2006
and detail

 Quilts in the barn

 Floating Triangles, 2011
and detail

Blue and White Reversible Quilt, 2009
 Second Sampler Quilt, 1997/1998
and detail

 St Mark's Floor Tiles, 2008
and detail

And finally, here's one of Betty and Ros with Lynne:


  1. Sew pleased you had such a wonderful weekend:oD the first quilt you showed is amazing I love the 3d effect!
    I can't wait to see what fabrics you have chosen for our panel;o)

  2. Those look beautiful! I am glad you had a good time there! Is there anything published on how to make that effect with cathedral windows??

  3. I met Lynne when she was in New Zealand teaching at our national quilting symposium some years ago, and we had dinner together with pepper Cory from USA. Very impressive books, some of which I own.

    The quilts look lovely in that setting.

  4. Having recently lost my husband quilting is now my life and I would have loved to have seen all of Lynns quilts in one area. I do attend one of Lynns classes and what a wonderful inspiration she is to us all. I am so pleased to hear of the fantastic time you had perhaps I will now go to many more places like yourself and enjoy workshops. So pleased you had good weather too. Well done best wishes Margaret Goodchild Region 8 QGBI

  5. Thank you for all these wonderful quilt photos. Looks like a fun occasion! I especially love quilts with clever perspective!!
    Teresa x

  6. Itis lovely to see the quilt,I to am a fan of Lynne Edwards.I was supprised to see 2 quilters from The norfolk quilters guild.I also belong to Impations alon with Betty.Small world


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