Monday, 4 April 2011

Thank you Susan

I had a great package from Susan, the Quixotic Crafter this afternoon as I was lucky enough to win her IQD giveaway.  This is what she sent me:

lots and lots and lots (over 100) 6" squares of gorgeousness, all beautiful floral fabrics.  Thank you Susan, my thinking cap is on and I'm thinking show off those flowers and go for a fairly simple scrappy quilt, maybe for summer picnics, wouldn't that be a delight?  I wonder if I can arrange those squares to create a graduated rainbow effect?  Watch this space.


  1. You are a lucky duck! Rub some of that off on me, would you? We'll be watching to see what you figure out. I have no idea what I'd do with them... not right now anyway. I always figure out something, but it takes me a while. Good luck! - sorry, you already have that!

  2. Those are lovely fabrics. I also like what you are doing with your NZ purchases.

    One of your lovely readers let me know of a quilt show that will be on in London in June. Unfortunately it is the week before I arrive.
    I will be in UK London based, from 23rd June till 1st of August. ( from there during that time I will be having a few days in Galway area, Edinburgh; Somerset, Devon and Cornwall area and 4 days in Paris. ) I will take day trips to other places closer to London.
    I now know of 2 quilt shows I will miss by a few days, but I am sure I will come across something somewhere. As a quilter I will have my "Quilt Shop Radar," turned on wherever I go.


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