Friday, 15 April 2011

Quilty Eye Candy from Exeter

Some Friday eye candy before we all settle down for Friday Night Sew In.  Not signed up?  Click on the shiny new button to the right and add your name to Heidi's list now!
These are all quilts that were entered in the challenge category at the Quilters' Guild Conference, as the weekend was in Exeter, in the West Country of England the theme was "Wild West".  I imagine giving that theme to my readers in USA would result in a rather different set of quilts.

Finally for today, this lovely quilt by Jenny Hutchinson, isn't it evocative of summers by the sea?
Right, time to get the dressing gown on, cosy slippers and a stash of yummy things to eat.  I'm working on the piece I started with Lynne Edwards last weekend, more about that to come.  Don't forget to enter my blogiversary giveaway, click here!


  1. Wild West would be different here, but I can see one quilt that looks like the Oregon coast of the U.S. The fourth from the top... Oregon would be very West, but not very Wild anymore. Thanks for showing the quilts - they're exceptional!

  2. Nice quilts and yes your right you would get a lot of different results from the wild west here in the US. I see Cowboys. I am all set for FNSI and did do a little early sewing this afternoon. I have to grab every minute I can for sewing ya know.


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