Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Awesome Indigo

Bryan, our host and tutor in Japan next April, has been to the tsunami-hit region of Japan to give some very creative and practical support in the form of indigo dyeing workshops.  Read all about it on the Japanese Textile Study Tour blog.


  1. My husband has been up there several times working with some churches and he says that this kind of work is what the women need as they are isolated by the living conditions and have little to occupy their time.

  2. I am so graceful of what Bryan is doing. My heart is crying for the tsunami victims of what they are going through. A creative and hand-on activity is what they need. Thanks Bryan and thanks Lis for spreading the good word - Hugs Nat

  3. Popped over from the FNSI link page. Love to check out new blogs and love yours! The Japanese Study Tour sounds so fascinating, and I love seeing all of the quilt pics you posted! Thanks for sharing all of this information. I'm you newest follower. Hello from California and nice to meet you. :o)


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