Sunday, 16 October 2011

Productive Weekend

On Saturday I made a banana loaf in the morning (no picture, it's all gone!), put a casserole in the slow cooker and then went to meet DD in Horncastle when Doughty's were holding a fabric roadshow.  Going later in the day was a good plan, it was much calmer than when we arrived at the start of their last sale and we were able to browse easily and get fabric cut without queueing for ages.  We also got to buy the remaining cakes, mmm lemon drizzle, to support Breast Cancer.  DD bought a great selection of creams and browns to make her first quilt.  I bought the fabrics above, the cream and turquoise for the Fat Quarter Frenzy quilt I started at Country Roads Quilters last week and the brown and rust for another quilt I'm planning using the same pattern.
Once home I finished joining the blocks for the FQFQuilt, version one:
This will be going on one of the guest beds at the bach next season.

Today has been a glorious, sunny Autumn day and this morning we took GS2 on a walk in the woods, he had a great time playing in the stream and collecting minibeasts, DH and I collected blackberries and hazelnuts for an afternoon treat.  I love foraging.
Back at home DH sat down to play his guitar for the first time in a very long time and I headed to the cutting board.  I got all these sets cut to make another version of the FQFQuilt.  Most of these fabrics were sent to me for my birthday by my Global Piecers friends in South Dakota and I thought it would be great to use them all together.  We have pheasants adorning our dining room so this quilt is destined for that room.  Thank you Twila, Carole and Joan.
Before lighting the fire and enjoying the second incarnation of the casserole I washed and ironed all these delicious Japanese fabrics for a workshop I'm taking with Susan Briscoe next weekend. 
I hope you've also had a good weekend.  Bad luck for Wales but at least New Zealand beat Australia!


  1. GS2? Surely it was GS1?! xx

  2. Yes indeed Liz - go the All Blacks!
    What, please, is a Fat Quarter Frenzy pattern? I do like the browny tan pattern, it looks very retro.

  3. That's nice that you are supporting NZ in the Rugby. We are all SO relieved that they beat Oz and are actually in the final.
    WE think Wales got robbed.
    The class you are going to this weekend looks interesting. I am going to one as well, so will have to hurry home to see the ABs verses France.

  4. That does look like a productive weekend. Wish I could say the same for myself! Those fabric combinations are lovely.

  5. Yes, did you have GS2 that we didn't know about!
    Loving your Japanese fabric collection! Workshop with Briscoe, should be fun fun. I am torn between New Zealand and Australia, I just go for the winning team okay! Hugs Nat

  6. Those Japanese fabrics are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what you create with them! Yes Wales should definitely be in the final as they played a much better game than France. Go the All Blacks though!!!

  7. The Japanese fabric on the 'washing line' in your last picture reminds me of Japanese washi paper in a shop. It is often stored hanging or in big drawers rather than in rolls; quite obvious for paper produced by hand and in the form of sheets.
    You make lovely teal/cream combinations.

  8. wow, youv had a nice time and I think you will enjoy susan briscoe you must tell us all about it


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