Thursday, 13 October 2011

Country Roads Quilters and Giveaways for Christmas

Thank you for all your comments about my small fat quarter (anyone reading this who isn't a quilter and is therefore confused please click here), it is interesting to learn that it is an international problem and not confined to one supplier or two.  In future if the dimensions of a FQ are important to a project I shall have no hesitation in asking to measure what I'm thinking of buying.  I learned also that even though fabric might be marked as 44" wide this is the "off the loom" width and it might be less than 42" by the time it reaches us.  More grrr.
Anyway, in spite of that hassle I had a lovely meeting at Country Roads Quilters on Tuesday when most people started work on their Fat Quarter Frenzy quilt with the aim of it being finished for Christmas (don't say which Christmas!)  Quilters are such lovely people aren't they?  Our members range from the expert, teaching, exhibiting end to the "what's a rotary cutter?" end of experience.  Everybody was willing to help somebody else as required, whether with showing them how to cut their fabric into the required size pieces, giving suggestions about layout or about border fabrics or simply making a supportive cup of tea as required and offering assurance that it gets easier!  Thank you ladies, you're the best.
And finally today, also on the subject of lovely quilting ladies, get yourself over to see Lynne, she's organised a fantastic Christmas gifts giveaway here or you can click the button on the right or below.  Good luck, have fun and thank you to all the sponsors as well as to Lynne herself.

Christmas Gifts for Quilters


  1. Another thing I can't bear is when you ask for a FQ and the chop rips the fabric so the edges of the FQ have to be trimmed off because they are all skewed. And yes, Lis, I am big brother and I am checking up on you LOL

  2. It's great to have the enthusiastic group of quilters. It looks like the Country Roads Quilters is starting off well - Hugs Nat


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