Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Susan Briscoe Weekend 1

You will remember that I have been rather excited about the QGBI Region 10 area weekend I attended on 22nd and 23rd October as the guest speaker was Susan Briscoe.  I wasn't disappointed.  On Saturday we had a lovely day with a mini workshop (quilt as you go, I'll share that soon), traders, bring and buy, a yummy faith lunch and lots of chat and then Susan's talk in the afternoon.  Called "Japanese Quilt Inspirations" it was right up my street and was a feast for the eyes.  My photos are a bit skewed as I didn't choose my seat very well but anyway I would urge you to get your local quilt group to book Susan so you can see them for yourselves.  You will also hear all the stories that accompany them and the story of Susan's quilting life and her connections with Japan.  I've included a few detail photos too so that you can appreciate the quality of Susan's work.



  1. Those are really nice. I have some of those fabrics that I bought a while ago just because I liked them and they are still sitting in a bin because I couldn't figure out how to combine them with anything else. Now I am beginning to see some possibilities.

  2. Thank you for posting on your workshop. Susan's work is amazing; I imagine it's even more impressive in person. I'm loving your Japanese Squares Without Circles and can't wait to see a photo of it finished!

  3. Great photos Lis! BTW, the first quilt, 'New Years Eve in Yamagata City', is available as a pattern on my website - I was using it as the table cover last weekend, at Malvern, as it is SO orange... ;-)


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