Monday, 10 October 2011

A Little Moan

Just a quick post today to have a little moan.  I'm starting a Fat Quarter Frenzy quilt with the Country Roads Quilters tomorrow and this afternoon I set about preparing the fabric.  It sounds so simple.  I need nine different FQs and have to cut pieces 21"x17" from each to start the quilt. 
FQs are 22"x18" right?  Even allowing for a little wobbly cutting by the suppliers I should still manage to cut the pieces I need quite easily..
Even FQs from the same shop varied by up to two inches and as I had fabrics from three different shops the whole process was a nightmare.  With one piece I couldn't even get 20" let alone 21" from it and with several others I've had to include some or all of the selvedge and will have to take care to hide it in the seams.  I've bought FQs many times in the past but have never used them in this way, where the dimensions are crucial. 
In future I will be unable to assume I'm getting 22"x18" and size does matter!


  1. Hope you have sorted this out now. Can't wait to see your colour choices even though I will have a day of binding and hexagons

  2. What a nightmare - it can be worse here as the shop local to us that has some quilt supplies doesn't even use a table and ruler for cutting the fabric, it's a crowded small counter or the floor to cut the fabric - I guess that's why I don't buy much there

  3. Its like people's quarter inches are different, or clothes sizes being different. Very annoying especially when its a fabric choice that you want to use.

  4. I wonder what might happen if you were to pull out a measure and check the size before buying? I know different fabrics come in different widths but to be that different is a bummer. In Japan the measurements are written on the packs but that might include the selvedge.

  5. Yes I would go grrrrrrrrrrrrr too!

  6. That is annoying, isn't it? I've found exactly the same in the past, although more often I find that I have 'most' of a FQ with just a little bit missing where I wanted that colour to applique with, or whatever!

  7. Oh yes, I know the feeling, so frustrating especially if you bought the fabric in California to be used in Florence!


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