Thursday, 3 May 2012

Indigo Blues

I suppose after looking forward to going to Japan for months and all the wonderful times I had there it is no wonder that I should feel a little blue now that it is all over and seems like a dream.  I can't begin to imagine how Bryan and Nat must be feeling after all their planning and work, maybe they can just think "onward and upward" but I am feeling quite low.  I'm sure the Japanese germ isn't helping (please doctor come up with something strong when I see you this afternoon) and I have a weekend in Norfolk with my beloved and my Sam to look forward to from tomorrow.  I thought a wallow in the flora of Japan would brighten me up and I hope you enjoy it too.  Normal service will be resumed soon :-)


  1. I hope you soon fell better.It is good to see different flowers.As a lot of ours are a bit late,I am waiting for my Azaleas to come out.

    1. Thank you very much Tricia.

  2. Fabulous images Lis and lots of inspiration for the future.

  3. Gorgeous flowers from Fujino Lis. No I didn't get the blue or the flu. Go straight back into work helps in more way than one and I was too busy on the tour for the flu to catch me!!!
    Hope you feel better after the course of antibiotic - Hugs Nat

  4. Did you take the sun with you when you left? It sure has been gloomy here. Great flower pictures. Your camera was hard at work.

  5. Beautiful photo's Lis... a feast for the eyes

  6. I'm just about surfacing after the awful cough. Can't do any exercise yet though as it makes me puff too quickly. It sure was a nasty bug. Blandina and I dragged ourselves around Tokyo coughing all the way, determined that we would not miss anything. Hope you are feeling a lot better, Lis! You sure took some beautiful flower photos, they are really lovely. I am beginning to think about what to with the gorgeous fabrics I bought. What are you going to do with yours?

  7. Seems we all took photos of the same flowers. I have a wonderful collection of flower photos, including thatJack in the Pulpit which was truly Amazing. Some wonderful peonies inAsakusa too..


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