Friday, 4 May 2012

Something for the Weekend

A collection of images from Japan that I took as prospective design ideas.

DD is off to see Example this weekend.
DS and DDiL are off to a wedding cake tasting.
Tomorrow is Boys' Day in Japan.  The koi will be flying and here is the Musha ningyo at Sawa san's in Yanaka:
Me?  I'm looking after my Sam and taking him to the bach, hoping for sunshine and for the antibiotics to start working.  Have a great weekend whatever you are doing.


  1. Wow! I have so enjoyed looking through your photos from Japan. The food, the flowers, the beautiful blues...yum! Hope you are feeling much better.

  2. Lucky you and lucky Sam. Have a great day and get better soon.

  3. A busy week end for your family. Relax and enjoy your sweet Sam.

  4. A lovely half hour catching up! Sorry to hear you've been unwell, but a week at the cabin with Sam sounds like the perfect solution, especially with medication thrown in!!!

  5. You have a good eye for details and spotted many interesting design friendly things in Japan.


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