Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Maltese Stitching

In case you think this has just become a travel blog I thought I'd share some stitching today - for the first time for ages!
This is what I'm working on while I'm in Malta.  It's a woven cloth I started after doing an online class with Jude Hill and those of you who have been with me for a while will have seen it in the early stages and also know that I've found it's not really my "thing".  However, I decided I would bring it with me to finish here, if I'm not motivated in the place that inspired the project then there is no hope.
I wove the cloth first and tacked it to a muslin backing.  Now I am stitching and adding various embellishments, all aspects of the island.
I was actually very encouraged this morning when I showed it to DH, his comment? 
"That completely says "Malta" to me."


  1. l just love this...especially the start like section with the x stitches. i'm getting ready to do a weaving today for the back of a jacket so this was good inspiration.

  2. oh this is lovely! and it hold a story. nice.

  3. your work looks interesting,I have only seen photos of Malta but I can see what DH means ttricia

  4. Lis, very interesting and very pleasant to look at. How nice it is that DH supports you!

  5. First time for me to see 'wowen' patchwork. Sounds a great idea, especially with lots of 'stray' quilting, embellishments and ornaments added. Isn't it great that something 'Made in Malta' also looks Maltese. Thumbs up for Al who can appreciate your work.

  6. I love it Lis. I'm glad you got it out again. The colour reminds me of Malta too...

  7. This is beautiful, Lis. It may not be your thing but it sure is turning out great. I have not been to Malta although Christopher (my ex) has many times and he spent 2 yrs there when he was in the RAF years ago. He loves it and the history attracts me too. Must go there one day!


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