Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Our Home in Fujino - The Best Exotic Indigo Hotel

Where on earth shall I begin?
I want to share my wonderful trip to Japan with you and I am overwhelmed with the things we did, the photos I took number nearly 1000 and I haven't got my journal up to date.
I am very grateful that our sensei and host, Bryan, is sharing the tour of the Indigo Sisters on his blog,
he has all the correct technical terms of course, the names of the lovely Japanese people we met (I am sure some of them just came by to look at us, a group of eight Western woman of uncertain ages but strong personalities in a tiny mountain village in Japan) and a great knowledge of all things Japanese textile.
That is where I should begin, with a photo tour of Bryan's home, an old silk farm in the village of Fujino, about and hour and a quarter south west of Tokyo.

Bryan and his friends worked very hard to prepare the house for us,
even adding a wonderful electric Japanese toilet, and we were warm and comfortable and made very welcome.

 It was a loo with a view...

We ate, studied, stitched and relaxed around this low wooden table, what stories it could tell...

Not much has changed over the years as this sketch from a book of life in Fujino c 1930 shows:

 Every corner of the house was filled with a treasure to enjoy, a scene to delight the senses:

Beautiful glass work in the windows

 and on the stairs

Sometimes we chose to work upstairs,
and hide from the rain and the thunder

Sometimes the sun shone and we worked outside

We marvelled at the looms and wonderful pieces of textile-related gorgeousness around the house

Those of us in need of a massage could enjoy the electric chair

but my favourite chair was really Snoopy's and everytime I moved she would reclaim it

Thank you Bryan, we felt so welcome, we moved in, took over your home and had a fantastic time.


  1. Oh Snoopy is so gorgeous, such an innocent little face! How could you kick her out of her chair?!

  2. Lis, you have captured the house so well. I was too busy to take such details photo. Thanks for sharing - Hugs Nat

  3. Great atmosphere to work in! I can really "feel" the place from your pictures.

  4. A note on the electric chair: the massage was good but it was so unconfortable to sit in!
    You have a good eye, I didn't catch all those details, but it is so nice to see them again.

  5. I have another look at all the spotless surfaces in the house. Must give myself a pad on the back hehe!!!

  6. oh such beautiful surroundings both inside and out. and all so neat and tidy.

  7. Dear Lis:
    Thank you for focusing that camera on all the 'neat and tidy places'. More than a few corners could have used some extra love! And thank you for the lovely comments. You are too generous. It was a pleasure to have you over.( Snoopy would gladly trade off her chair for those extra chances of a secret snack!)


  8. I found your blog through Nat. Thanks for sharing all the beauty and deliciousness of that part of the world.

    1. Welcome to Piece n Peace Sheila, I hope you will enjoy yourself and stay :-)

  9. My photos of Bryan's house and it's multitude treasures are the first photos I share with my friends. It was a truly amazing experience, just being welcomed and made to feel at home in the house. Thanks got to Bryan for sharing his home with a such a bunch if wonderful women.. An adventure for us all to savor.


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