Sunday, 20 May 2012

Maltese Wildlife

In case you were feeling envious, dear reader, I have to tell you that although it is warm again today it is cloudy and blowing a hoolie!  We went for a lovely walk along the coast (downhill, and got the bus back) and got quite sandblasted at one point!  We found the Ghadira Nature Reserve and had a lovely walk around there. Malta is not too hot on conservation so this is an important project.  It wasn't sunny enough for lizards and snakes but we saw some good flora and birds:

and had a good view of the Red Tower built in 1649 by Grand Master Lascaris and dedicated to St Agatha:

We also had a good view of lots of kite surfers who were enjoying the wind much more than we were:
Our bus trip back up the long and winding (and steep) road was our first on Malta courtesy of Arriva (go Ed!!*) who recently took over the bus service and brought it in line with European regulations.  It means the iconic Maltese buses, held together with faith and duct tape, are no more.
Al just called from the balcony (where he is being kept amused by watching Maltese v tourist drivers on these narrow streets) that the sun is out, I am away to bake gently.

* a comment purely to amuse my DD who I am trying to pair with a nice guy called Ed who works with Arriva!)


  1. Hope it goes well re DD!!! Enjoy Malta's heat...

  2. Haha, glad you put the note in as I hadn't got that! Jess's friend Ed, I assume??


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