Sunday, 27 May 2012

Malta Cloth Finish

A finish (except for the backing and binding) - my Malta cloth is done and I am quite satisfied with it.  It is called "Going Up, Coming Down?" after the building work here. It is almost impossible to tell whether something is being constructed or demolished and Al and I try to guess.  Our general belief is that if there is a crane on site then the building is going up.
Speaking of the backing...I have decided to try some eco-dyeing while I'm here for the backing but haven't got any suitable fabric with me.  "Allie babe....", sure enough DH came up with the goods, greater love hath no man than he would hand over his brand new white cotton handkerchief to be dyed with prickly pear flowers.  Watch this space.
Speaking of flowers, I found these white strelitzia in the hotel grounds this morning, rather different from the usual vivid orange/blue version isn't it?
Today has been a lovely relaxing day.  We had a stroll this morning and then I stitched while Al sudokued (is that a verb?) and read the newspaper.  Here's a picture from yesterday's trip into Valletta, there was no way I was going down this street, look at the up to follow!  Many of the smaller streets are steps, Lord Byron referred to them without any love in his poem Farewell to Malta
Adieu, ye cursed streets of stairs!
(How surely he who mounts you swears!)

Hoping you've all had a lovely weekend - I know that England has been having some excellent weather at long last :-)


  1. your cloth is beautiful. and i feel sorry for the people who live on that street.

  2. Your cloth weaving is beautiful, so much in it to look at. I wouldn't have gone down that street either!

  3. Oh I do love your Malta cloth! It looks so Mediterranean to me, I am sure that you caught the essence of the island.
    There are those white strelitzias here in California as well,I thought they were more in the palm family but of course I absolutely do not know.
    I love this feeling of relaxation in your last posts!

  4. Apart from going street climbing, inspecting buildings in various stages of dwellability (is that an adjective?), studying the garden plants you are actually on a Maltese Textile Study Tour!! I am sure you are enjoying every moment of your holiday.

  5. I guess the fabric shops are few and far between, Lis. I seem to remember something about nice embroidery in Malta - or was that Greece? The quilt looks gorgeous,. As Blandina says, very Mediterranean.

  6. Those streets are the charm of Malta. I used to go up and down those streets. Your Malta block is coming along very nicely.

  7. Malta is one of the few places I've been that I would like to go to again. Your Malta Cloth captures the colours and the mood of the island perfectly!
    Teresa x


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