Sunday, 17 January 2010

French Toast

We are getting into the mood for New Zealand now, this is the plate of French Toast I've just made for brunch today.  FT is my culinary downfall in New Zealand, my meal of choice in cafes across the country and the reason for a lot of excess baggage (on my hips) when we return to England.
This was a fairly good plateful, I'd give it 8/10 - no sunshine, not the most crisp toast.  Our favourites, the ones that scored 9.5/10 in 2007 were at The Lazy Lizard in Whangamata and at the Loose Goose in Tirau.  We will be checking those scores on this trip!  For an amazing 10/10 we'll be returning to the Cove Cafe in Waipu Cove.  In our 2007 diary I wrote:
"...the most fantastic brunch...Delicious creamy latte and...a pile of French toast with bacon, caramelised bananas and maple syrup 10/10!"

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  1. Hi Lis

    It's Helen from Honey Bunch Quilting here. I've just checked the dates for the NANZQ Illumination exhibition.

    It will be in Arrowtown from March 5 to March 28 at the Lake District Museum and Gallery, 49 Buckingham Street Arrowtown. You may be around at that time??


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