Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Let's Get Packing

This is the state of the spare bed as we try to sort out our packing for the great trip.  Clothes are the (relatively) easy part as we don't need too many because it will be easy enough to do washing while we're away.  The areas causing a bit of hassle are the additional things like
  • three months supply of medication
  • chargers, adaptors and batteries for those items of technology now essential to our lives
  • whether or not to take carry-on bags as well as hold luggage, backpacks or cases
  • whether or not to share out our stuff between both bags in case one gets lost
  • shoes  (Lis' problem, not Al's!)
Usually we would aim to buy everything we need when we get to NZ but the pound is so weak at the moment that this is not a particularly attractive proposition.  On our last visit we were spending $NZ that we had bought at three dollars to the pound, on this trip we'll be lucky to get two dollars to the pound - unless the forthcoming General Election in UK makes a major difference to the economy.  We're therefore taking more with us, especially in the way of toiletries etc, than we would have expected to.  We did leave some things, like walking boots and fleeces, with Terry on our last trip.  Al spoke to him this morning and he reminded us that they're still there, stored in a chilly bin, waiting for our arrival.
We're not actually complaining about all this by the way, after all we're off to New Zealand in two weeks time.

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  1. Have fun packing LOL!!! I know what you meant about those technos stuff you need to take. Now I have my iPhone that I can check my emails anywhere where there is WiFi and the hotel we booked in Kyoto has that, goodie!!! You are not travel light aren't you? Leave room for shopping hahaha!!! Enjoy Nat


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