Saturday, 9 January 2010

Happy Birthday Bonni

Thank you to everybody who helped me to come up with a name for my lovely Singer sewing machine who's 81st "birthday" is today, it was on 9th January 1929 that her serial number was allocated.  This morning I gave her a service and a dust and a brand new needle and started my first project - a little Sweet Treat Bag from a Moda Honeybun pattern (sent to me for Christmas by my GGCS partner, Sal).  It is so satisfying to be using such a great machine and if the snow keeps coming and the power cuts out I'll still be able to stitch.  Mummy told me how my grandmother used to take her hand sewing machine outside and sit in the garden and stitch.  Sadly this isn't her machine but it has been Mummy's for a long time (she's not sure where it came from originally).  The only problem I've encountered is that I miss having both hands to guide my work but at such a gentle pace I'm managing.
So please say hello to Bonni.  I wanted a Scottish name as she was made in Scotland and Bonni means "pretty" or "charming".  Michelle set me on the right path when she suggested the name Vivien after Vivien Leigh who starred in Gone With The Wind - Bonnie was the pretty little daughter of Scarlett and Rhett and GWTW is one of my favourite books/films.


  1. Great name! And looks like a really pretty little treat bag too!

  2. How exciting to have a machine like her!! I have wanted an old Singer, but don't know how to go about purchasing one...what to look for, especially price wise...maybe someday.


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