Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Progress Report

I've been at my craft group this morning and worked on my Norfolk Broads WIP.  I did some sashiko-style handquilting using a hand dyed variegated thread by Valdini.  It's 35wt and I'm using it double after some experimentation.  The colour is Mediterrana - M95 and it's 100% highly merc long staple cotton.  Very nice to use, except when it gets caught around my quilting pins. 

We had a bit of a bonus at Crafty Time Out, in addition to chocolate biscuits and friendly chat - a lady turned up with a box of "crafty stuff" for us "if we are interested".  Bees around a honeypot is the expression that springs to mind.  We all went home with a new project, mainly tablecloths or runners to embroider or cross stitch and a selection of lovely threads.  A very successful morning all round.  (There are some goodies left for those who didn't make it to the group this week, don't worry).


  1. Your quilting is very neat and beautifully even. I ususally tack my quilting together because I don't have any pins but I never thought about the problem of the thread getting caught on the pins. I suppose machine quilters don't have that problem!
    Have you marked your lines or are you doing it free-hand? I haven't found a marking method I'm happy with yet. Teresa x

  2. Thank you Teresa. Marking has always been a difficulty for me, I don't seem to have found the ideal thing. On dark fabric I use a fine pen that makes a white line which actually irons away. For this I'm using a purple pen that fades away within 48 hours. The trouble is that it seems to fade much more quickly than that so I only mark small areas at a time. I'll check the manufacturers of the pens for you. I've had some success using a sliver of soap to mark but couldn't see it well enough on this fabric.

  3. Sashiko stitching can be add to any quilt. This one is beautiful and it goes well with your hand dyed fabric. I love it - Hugs Nat

  4. Your stitching is looking really good. What beautiful, restful colours.

    Regards, Sue


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