Sunday, 24 January 2010

NANZQ Challenge

These are some of the stunning New Zealand made quilts that inspired me on my last visit.  They were exhibited in Stratford and were from the NANZQ (National Association of New Zealand Quilters) Challenge 2007.

The first is called "Elemental Colours" and is by Maria van Buel of Auckland.

This second quilt is by Norma Ewart who lives in Whangamata.  The quilt is called "Nga Hau E Wha O Aotearoa".

The third quilt I especially liked is by Katherine Reeves and it won a prize in the "rookie" category, it's called From The Deep".

Finally is Jennifer Patterson's "Contours of Nature" and her presentation of four individual quiltlets joined with beading is how I imagine my holiday project might work.

The theme for NANZQ's 2009 Challenge was "Illumination" and the quilts that have been invited to tour can be seen here.  They will be exhibited at the Percy Thompson Gallery in Stratford until 28th February 2010 and I hope to get to see them.  Helen at Honeybunch Quilting has one of her quilts in this exhibition, do take a look.


  1. These quilts are beautiful. I especially like the simplicity of the 'rookie' one and I didn't think I was that keen on blues! Teresa x

  2. I've seen these quilts too. Even more amazing in the flesh. When you are goingo be in Stratford? I only live 20 minutes up the road. It would be so nice to meet up with you!

  3. Hi, I was browsing the internet looking for links to the Elemental Challenge and found your blog.
    What a surprise to see my own quilt shown on there. Great to hear that you like it so much.
    I'm in the process of creating my own website, still a long way to go, but if you are interested here is the link
    Best wishes,
    Maria van Buel
    Auckland, NZ


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