Monday, 19 September 2011

Beach Huts Workshop

Here I am with my friend Ros at the end of a great day at a workshop with Melanie Plummer yesterday.  The workshop was a lot of fun, I don't think I've ever heard so much laughter during a quilting day, and we all learned new techniques, produced something we were happy with and nearly finished it too.
Melanie was a relaxed tutor and brought loads of examples of her work with her as well as lots of lovely organza and fabrics that she allowed us to buy from her if we needed them (and didn't charge much either).  Here are two of her "beach hut" pieces, I'm going to use her notebook idea to make a visitor book for my bach.

Once we got started with our sky, sand and water fabrics 505ed onto wadding and backing fabric it was time to audition all the organzas, nets and threads that would build up the texture of the piece.  This was fun and it was interesting to see that from the same starting point we all created our own designs, just as it should be.

I think the wall hangings have a lovely naivety.  This is not a good photograph (I would have needed to hang from the ceiling...) but it reminds me of children's paintings laid out to try at the end of an art lesson, such bold colours and effective designs.
They all became individual.  One lady added stilts to her beach huts as that is the design of the ones she is familiar with, a gentleman added deckchairs and seagulls and I made my beach huts from Japanese fabrics, including some wonderful kimono silk pieces that I was given by my friend Cara when she visited UK in August.
It's always good to pick up new skills as well as have fun on a workshop and I was pleased to learn to create marram grass and beach plantlife using FMQ but the greatest combination of fun and learning came with the discovery of angelina.  Who knew something that looks like glittery candyfloss could be such a delight?  I'll certainly be using it again.
Tomorrow is the first meeting of the new quilting group I'm starting with my friend Tina.  We're hoping to have a good turnout and already know of several lovely blogging friends who will be there.  I'm taking my beach huts piece to work on - it's time to embellish with relish!  We're having a trader, a raffle and show and tell as well as a chat about what people want from the group.  I'm very excited about it - please check back here to see how it goes, and what the group is to be called!


  1. Oh, Lis, these are lovely, thanks for sharing thre photos, very inspirational! hope the group goes well tomorrow

  2. What fun... love what you all created and a fabulous idea to make it into a notebook.
    Wish I lived closer I would love to join your group!

  3. What a lovely day. Enjoy your group get together.

  4. they would make good book covers....

  5. Great stuff! I don't think relish or cat fur are legitimate embellishments on quilts or wall hangings - joking!

    I saw beach huts just like that at Lyme Regis when I was there 2 months ago. They were all pale pastels shades - I like the brighter colours. They were all very side by side which would have been a boring arrangment for what you folk did.
    Angelina is great stuff, but don't over heat it.
    Enjoy your group today.

  6. Lis, they are gorgeous beach hut blocks. All of them. I should make one for myself. Melbourne is famous for beach huts. Good luck with your new quilting group. I hope they are some Japanese textile lovers among them - Hugs Nat

  7. You have so many fun activities to share. I am enjoying them all just sitting at home. I hope the new group more than meets expectations.

  8. How exciting, I love your beach huts and I am very curious about the new techniques that you are speaking about.
    One of these days I will come to Great Britain and join your quilting is closer than Japan!

  9. The beach huts look great. Pleased you had a good inspiring workshop.

  10. Very cool - workshops are such fun.

  11. I am glad you found use of the kimono scraps I gave you. You also enjoyed using Angelina. Didn't we talk about this 'candyfloss' when were were in Sew Creative? It is fascinating how it changes into shiny flat sheets and in this project there must have been a lot of chances to use it.

  12. Ps. Nice to see Ross as well!


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