Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fuji San

I am looking forward to seeing Mount Fuji when I visit Japan next year, in the meantime I'm studying this video :)


  1. Our Scouts climbed Mt Fuji last weekend. There is a saying, "He who never climbs Mt Fuji is a fool but he who climbs more than once is a bigger fool". Yes, I am a bigger fool but there is no fool like an old fool, it is also said, and I have finally decided enough is enough. Best views are in the winter. Hot humid summers are the worst.

  2. Wow Lis, the comment from Julie is enchanting! Are we going be the old fool in April? Thanks for the post - Hugs Nat

  3. A lovely video. Mount Fuji struck my fantasy as a child, I do not know why: maybe I found it exotic, so far away, tall, topped with snow and smoking.
    I was happily shocked when your little video put into my mind the idea that I might actually finally see Mount Fuji!

  4. LOL what a fun video. Are you going to climb Mount Fugi? Will you have time?


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