Monday, 12 September 2011

Catching Up

I seem to be forever "catching up" at the moment but I do have the excuse of a Crohn's flare up for my absence from Blogger (and life in general) recently.  I'm feeling much better now and am going to have a few days relaxation (and sewing) in Norfolk, I'll be joining Heidi and co in FNSI and ending up with a workshop called "Beach Huts" with Melanie Plummer on Sunday.  I've been very frugal and assembled everything for the workshop from my stash - trying to save as much as possible for my trip to Japan next year.  On that subject, I've decided to go a few days early and spend some time in Tokyo.  I've booked into the ryokan (inn) where we stayed on our first visit to Japan and I'm really looking forward to returning to Ryokan Sawanoya in Yanaka, a lovely old part of the city.
Today I caught up with my DD and DGS.  Sam started at a new school (pre-school) today and according to Saz was very brave (she was very brave too, I remember it being heart wrenching).  They came over after school for lunch and although he was very tired he was extremely well behaved until he did the unthinkable and was my mouth.   Yuck, yuck, yuck, this never happened to me before and it's lucky it was Sam as he's so gorgeous I've forgiven him.  DD said I shouldn't have held him upside down when he was full of jacket potato, chilli beef and ice cream!  Yuck though!
I'm very excited to have received the requirements list for a workshop I'm doing with Susan Briscoe next month.  It's called Japanese Circles and Squares and I'm looking forward to using some of the wonderful Japanese fabrics I have in my stash.  I'm thinking of an indigo/terracotta combination but will have to get my fabrics out for a little stroke and see what most appeals.
Okay, weary now, will sign off and try to catch up with some blog reading.


  1. Oh do take care of your health. I am so excited about your trip. I don't think I know that inn but that is such a lovely part of town ... and near to an awful lot of shopping.

  2. Thought you'd been rather quiet... please know you are in my thoughts and prayers! I suppose autumn is starting to make an appearance there now. Sounds like you've got lots to look forward to... the class looks like fun, looking forward to seeing what fabrics you choose. Take Care

  3. Hi Lis

    Sorry you are not too good at the moment, and hopefully you will be feeling much better at your workshop. Have fun stitching and take care of yourself.

  4. Sorry I almost missed this post. Sorry you are not feeling well these last few days. We are sending you our love and get well wishes from the JTST! You are very positive and already have planned for a workshop with Susan Briscoe. If you need any indigo fabric just let me know. I can spare some for your project - Hugs Nat


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