Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sewing All Day

This morning "Crafty Time Out" met at my house (good excuse for posher biscuits) and although there were only a few of us we had a lovely time, sitting stitching, chatting and having a nice cup of tea (and biscuits).
This afternoon I headed to Sibsey to meet with my friend Tina.  We are starting a quilting group in the village and needed to discuss our plans for the day.  It's very exciting, I hope lots of people come along and can be involved right from the beginning with the way the group is going to run.  The first meeting is on 20th September and we're having a trader (oooh, fabric buying), a raffle and a gentle show and tell.  We'll also be chatting, sewing, planning and we'll need to decide on a name for our group.  If you're local and want more details, send me an email please.
Tina was telling me about "Wonderfil" thread which is now sold by the Quilters' Guild.  It has received some very good reports and favourable comparisons with my beloved Aurifil apparently.  I'm going to give some a try and I'll get back to you - mainly as it will be easier to get hold of than Aurifil and buying it will benefit the QGBI.  Have any of you lovely people used this thread yet?  What do you think?
Apart from all that lovely sewing-related stuff it's been a dull and miserable day, weather-wise, here in Lincolnshire so it's time for winter food.  I've got a slow cooker full of savoury mince and I'm making Yorkshire pudding to have with it, plus French beans from the garden which are still going strong.  Sounds warming eh?  When we've eaten I'll be back with a needle in my hand working on the little blocks for the bag I'm making - Southern Belle from Monkey Buttons.  Life's pretty good really and tomorrow I'm having a day with DD :) so that's be a good day too, we're going to have a browse in John Lewis among other things.


  1. How nice to meet with your sewing group, it seems to me that you had a lot of fun. I love to work with other women, every one brings her experience and her wisdom, it is an intimate and deep exchange.
    Here in Florence it is still warm, not time yet for Winter cooking (I am looking forward to it, just the thought of food slowly cooking on the stove is a pleasure).
    Nice bag, will it be ready for the Japan tour?

  2. Oooh, a quilting group sounds great, I'm a bit far though :-(

  3. Oh I do wish I were close enough! My group was cancelled because of the typhoon. I hope next week the weather will be more quilt-group friendly.

  4. Time spend with sewing friends, creative friends is the best time. I have a weekly meeting here once a week on our lunch break.
    It's lovely hearing Japan mentioned on the comment (yeah my tour!) - Love Nat


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