Thursday, 22 September 2011

Seaweed Dyeing Revealed

I finally unwrapped my attempt at dyeing cloth with seaweed on Tuesday evening after it had been brewing for a month.  The smell was less than aromatic!  Here is the result:

Rather erratic dyeing but a good brown in places.  No sign of the original pink of the seaweed though (which you can see here).


  1. Thats a shame there's no pink the seaweed was such a pretty colour... have you thought of dyeing your fabrics with tea bags... herbal teas have some gorgeous colours!!!

  2. Its very pretty, but i think in future I'd go with Michelle's idea - it would smell better too!!!

  3. i love the patterning. it looks like a bridge to me.

  4. Too bad the pink didn't come through, but isn't that the way of dying? The color desired doesn't usually show up. What's your favorite hand dyed surprise? (I don't dye, but that doesn't mean that I never will...)

  5. Sorry not pink, but you know where to get it from hehe! Did you steam the bundle? Deanna was right I can see bridge as well - Hugs Nat


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