Friday, 16 September 2011


Tonight is Friday Night Sew In and I'm going to be working on my Southern Belle bag again. I'm doing it all by hand which is taking a while but I think that, because the pieces are small and the piecing a bit tricky, I'm probably better off doing it this way than fiddling about in and out of the machine. Also, I want to use this bag when I go to Japan and so wanted to make it in a more traditional way. The Japanese do most of their sewing by hand, from choice and also from space restrictions. Most of us have a sewing area, or even a room or purpose built atelier if we're really fortunate. In Japan homes tend to be smaller and a sewing room is reduced to a specific chair, with a box of fabric and notions along side. Julie, who now lives in Tokyo, posted a great picture of her sewing chair here. Back to the bag. I am now piecing the front of the bag, eight small "flower" blocks. I'll post a photo in the morning, in the meantime, have a great FNSI and thank you Heidi and Bobbi for hosting again.


  1. Enjoy Friday night sew in. Thanks for sending me to visit Julie. I left a comment there. I'm with Myra tonight and will go to Kit first thing tomorrow - having a great time so farm - Hugs Nat

  2. I haven't checked in with you in a while - glad to hear about your projects. And ooh, I wish I was going to Japan with Nat as well - such a great group of people.

  3. I would like so much to have a sewing group, but it seems that I can not find one here in Florence.
    I admire Julie and the way she can work in a restricted space, it seems to me that space is never enough as far as I am concerned!


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