Friday, 23 September 2011

Japanese Beach Huts?

Here are my beach huts, all finished and ready to hang on the wall of my bach in Norfolk.  Carin - can you spot any of the kimono silk pieces you gave me?  Although the workshop was in Norfolk and beach huts are traditional there I couldn't quite get away from my leanings towards all things Japanese and so my beach huts are all made in Japanese fabrics (and there are pieces of kimono in the sea too).  If they have beach huts in Japan maybe this is how they'd look!
A quick Google led me to these....


  1. This is beautiful Lis. I like how you call it Japanese beach huts. I can see Japanese kimono fabric in there. Good job! Hugs Nat

  2. I just love these, well done, im off to follow the link now

  3. This should look great hanging on the wall of your bach.

  4. Ho pretty this is. I love how you 'created' the foam of the weaves.

  5. I wonder how those will hold up in a tsunami...
    Somehow I would never think of that combination. Now I realize I have not been to Chiba in a long time.

  6. Yes, I can indeed spot several of the silks I gave you. Who, but you, would have a beach hut with Japanese fans on the North Norfolk coast!


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