Monday, 30 January 2012

Happy Birthday Sam

My DGS Sam is four years old today!  Al and I went to his party and then back at his house I tried to take a photo of the young family.  It was a nightmare to get all four people looking good, especially as they were all so tired but here we have birthday boy, Sam; my DD, Saz; her lovely BF, Rick and his DD, Ezri.
I have failed completely with my TAST2012 stitch for the week.  It was Cretan Stitch and as tomorrow there will be a new stitch I think I'll try to combine the two in a little project this week. 
Al is having a little op. on Wednesday (on his toe) and we don't know how he'll be afterwards, I might be on nursing duty!!  Hopefully I'll still have time and energy to sew.
We've had a little snow today and the forecast for the week is cold, brrrr, winter is back.  Tomorrow there is a blank in the diary so my plan is to catch up with blogs and emails, if I've seemed to be ignoring you I hope to be in touch tomorrow, watch this space as they say.
I've been doing a lot of reading and research into places to visit in Tokyo while I'm there in April.  Carin sent me this link: It's definitely on my must-do list, enjoy.


  1. Happy Birthday Sam!!!
    Will be thinking of Al tomorrow...

  2. lovely photo. i'm way behind on TAST.

  3. Oh, I remember those days when we had to take two rolls of film to get just one picture of everyone looking in the direction of the camera. At least digital photography makes it a bit easier.

  4. Happy Birthday your Sam. Thanks Lis for the link. It looks like an amusing place. I hope I will get a chance to go there too - Hus

  5. I will put this museum on my Tokio list too. I find people who tell me: 'Tokio? there is nothing to see there!' I wonder if 3 days will be enough to see everything that is on my list.
    Happy birthday to Sam!

  6. Wow!Doesn't time fly and they soon grow up.Happy birthday to Sam and wish Al all the best for tomorrow.
    We'll be thinking of you.
    Love and hugs Georgie xx


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