Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TAST2012 - No Reply?

There have been some wonderful examples of fly stitch posted on blogs since we all began TAST2012 last week and Sharon has celebrated her own blogiversary with an interesting post about how she started Pin Tangle in 2004 and how it has developed.  She mentioned the joy of receiving a comment on a post and I would certainly agree with that, it is wonderful to know somebody has not only read what you've written but has taken the time to write a comment.  I find it sad therefore when I have no way of contacting the commentor and thanking them, or answering their query.  I appreciate some people wish to remain anonymous but I wonder if many others know they are showing as a "noreply-comment@blogger.com", especially people who maybe new to blogging having got started when they signed up for TAST.  Jodi at Pleasant Home has written a brilliant guide to finding out, and fixing it.  Click on her red button on the right of my blog and next time you are kind enough to comment on my blog I shall be able to thank you properly.  In the meantime, thank you for all the lovely comments I received after sharing my fly stitch project and here we go with week two of TAST2012 and it's.....buttonhole stitch.



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  2. I agree that comments are great !

  3. Great post Lis. We are the more experience bloggers now hehe! Thanks for posting the know-how on your side bar. It will helps many people. Glad you enjoying the TAST - Love Nat

  4. I am on TAST too, but I am not really doing my homework. I am planning to make a kind of stitch book, but have not started yet.
    I am a no-reply blogger...should be working on this as well, thanks for the link!


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