Thursday, 12 January 2012

TAST2012 - Buttonhole Stitch

After I shared last week's fly stitch project Benta suggested I could hang it on the Christmas tree.  This sparked the idea of doing all the TAST2012 projects in festive colours and fabrics and creating a selection of decorations and baubles for Christmas 2012.  I may not always stick to this you understand but it is my plan at the moment, so thank you to Benta and also to Carin who endorsed the idea.
So, buttonhole stitch, also know as blanket stitch.....
This is a stitch I have used before, both by hand and on the machine, mainly to edge pieces of applique, so in a very straightforward way.  I like Sharon's beaded versions and the way she has built up a textured surface using the stitch and couching other threads. 
This is what I've done:
Considering that snowflakes are symmetrical I suppose my stitching should have been more regular but I like this and it's unique, as all snowflakes are.


  1. What a great idea; love your first ornament.

  2. I agree; it's an excellent idea! You know it doesn't have to be Christmas tree ornaments. In Sweden there is the tradition of decorating twigs (of birch) for Easter with colourful feathers and painted eggs. In Japan there is the custom of decorating branches of bamboo for the Tanabata festival July 7. In this case you hang folded paper on which you have written a wish. Recently I have found many blogs from the UK featuring bunting. So why not start a new hanging ornament tradition. After TAST12 you might have a branch or a line with 52 stitched ornaments! Keep up the good work.
    My buttonhole project is still in the making.

  3. Awesome idea... your tree is going to look fabulous!

  4. Really pretty, Lis, the beads and button really add to the decoration.


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