Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2012

I have been reading some great blog posts about the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2012.  Enjoy lots of quilting eye candy and read about the crowds:

I love Bryan's account here: 

Julie has shared four posts and lots of pictures here, here, here and here.

Carin has shared some of her photographs, Framed Quilts here and some highlights here and here

Jessica shared her experiences and some great quilts here:

I really appreciate bloggers taking the time to post about these international events, it means we can all share them in a little way.  Thank you for a little piece of Japan.

Lynette Anderson has been blogging about her visit to Japan and her experience at the Tokyo festival.  She also met up with our man in Japan, Bryan.  Read about her trip and enjoy lots of photos on her website here:  http://lynetteandersondesigns.typepad.com/lynette_anderson_designs/
and enjoy Bryan's report on their meeting here.  I can just picture the scene!

I have been reading my Tokyo Lonely Planet and surfing the net and making copious lists in preparation for the few days I will have in Tokyo in April before I join the Japanese Textile Study Tour.  It's getting very exciting.  I am aiming for a mix of textiles, history and culture, gardens, food and shopping and will try to share it via this blog.  I think I may need to sleep for the whole month of March in preparation.  I have also spent a long time today, while waiting for the snow to start and throwing logs on the fire, reading your wonderful blog posts and I hope I have now caught up with all the lovely comments you leave me, I appreciate them massively.  I must now away to rest, Sam's party has left me rather weary - maybe I'm too old for ball pools and padded activity centres!  (Just after this photo I crashed to the floor on my derriere by the way!)


  1. Not sure who's having the most fun in that pick Lol!

  2. I'm trying to convince myself that reading about Japan via you is almost as good as going myself, but it isn't working!!!!

  3. Thank you for the blog entries for others who had visited the Tokyo Quilt Festival. It is very interesting to read what they looked for, what they saw and what they thought.
    The largest number of quilts were entered into the Traditional category and as usual there were many bags. Out of 455 entries there were only eight from overseas. I wonder why it is so tough to be judged into the contest?

  4. Thanks for sharing all the links. I wish I was going with you on the tour in April, it will be such good company. A great experience travelling with friends. I met Jean at her buttonmaking workshop last weekend and she is terrific fun.

  5. Thanks Lis for the links about Tokyo Great Quilt Fest. I enjoyed visiting all of them. It looks like a must visit event for me next year!!!

  6. How interesting, I appreciated your post, but most of all I loved your picture with Sam: I bet you do not have a back problem!


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