Friday, 20 January 2012

Wait For Me Please

2012 is going too quickly already.  I haven't posted for ages, I haven't done my TAST2012 stitch for this week (it's feather stitch and I'm looking forward to doing it, just haven't found time), I haven't done most of the things that were on my list for this week.
What have I achieved?  Well I've had two stitchy meetings. 
On Tuesday it was the first meeting of the year for Country Roads Quilters and we had a good day.  Our theme for the beginning of the year is to be Log Cabin, with some people making quilts, some doing smaller projects and some not doing it at all (nothing is compulsory).  We did a lot of chatting, drunk a lot of tea and coffee and one lady brought in a box of chocolates to share - and we didn't get chocolate on our work.  I stitched down the binding of my "fat quarter frenzy" quilt and so now that is finished except for the addition of a few paua shell buttons which I shall do this evening during FNSI.  I could say that these are to add surface texture and interest but really they're to hide the most wobbly bits of FMQ!!  I'll share it tomorrow in my FNSI report.
On Wednesday morning we had the first meeting of Crafty Time Out.  More chatting, more chocolate and very little stitching!  I did a little knitting (the slippers, still) but we mainly chatted which I really enjoyed.
The rest of the week seems to have been spent at the local hospital, nothing serious, don't panic, but both DH and I have had several routine appointments and they've all taken ages.  You need to allow extra time to travel in case the traffic is bad.  Then parking is a nightmare.  Then you have a several stage check-in.  Eventually you reach the waiting area where your doctor is and settle down to wait (the clue's in the name I guess).  Lots of hours spent waiting this week.  I have started a new book though, Japan through the looking glass by Alan MacFarlane, an interesting read so far.
Good grief, I'm becoming a grumpy old woman.
I'm looking forward to today.  We're having lunch with DD Saz, DGS Sam and ..... Saz' boyfriend, Rick.  He's been on the scene for a while but now it's serious.....might even be a new hat job!!  Aaagh, an another Double Wedding Ring Quilt?  He's a nice guy and excellent with Sam and I'm looking forward to getting to know him better.  Then this evening is Friday Night Sew In, it'll be those buttons, the quilt label and then feather stitch I think. 
Wishing you a great weekend whatever you are doing.


  1. January is flying by and you will be on holiday before you know it! :-)

  2. You've certainly been busy but January is such a nice month to stitch and catch up with friends after the holiday.
    I'm lagging a bit behind with the TAST2012 but hope to do some work today.

  3. Sometimes the routine of life just ties you in knots!! but Waiting Rooms are good places for reading and I always have a paperback in my handbag. Wasn't it feather stitch that we put all around the nighties we made for our children? maybe before your time! :))

  4. Sounds busy but fun apart from those hospital visits... I am sure you will catch up with your feather stitches too... Enjoy your time with your family

  5. I like feather stitch. Hope you enjoyed your lunch yesterday. Hugs x


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