Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Starting the New Year

Wow, what a wild and windy day I woke up to here in Lincolnshire and it seems to be even worse in Scotland and Wales, not a day to leave the house unless it was absolutely necessary.  The sky is a sort of grey/green tinge, really weird.
We made a good start to 2012 with a lovely walk at Gibraltar Point, it was windy then too but not cold or threatening.  Sam loved having the wind blow through his hair:
I went to visit GS Wills yesterday and he got a corn snake for Christmas.  He's called Speedy (I would have got a female and called her Maisie but that's a little corny, ouch).  He was quite lively and really beautifully patterned.  DH was happy to take a photo from a safe distance!
Today I can share the production line project that I teased you with before Christmas.  I must credit two people with the inspiration for this little shopping list holder.  Melanie Plummer taught a workshop on beach huts which I really enjoyed - it was when I used Angelina fibres for the first time.  Village Fabrics kindly allowed the pattern for an apron shaped list holder to be copied for the Dayspring Quilters' Day for International Quilt Day last year.  My little pieces have developed from these starting points.
Today I am looking at two exciting new projects.  The QGBI Region 9 BOM designed by Jacquie Harvey started on 1st January with the first block being emailed to members.  It's not to late to sign up, look at the QGBI website or Jacquie's own website. I have joined but I'm not going to start this project immediately, I have one or two (ha ha) other things to finish first!  Sharon B's TAST2012 project started on PinTangle yesterday, click on the button on the right to see what it's all about.  I'm hoping to build up a library of embroidery stitches to use in my quilting projects, this week's stitch is Fly Stitch and Sharon has lots of embroidered eye candy to inspire us.
Of course I also have a pile of works in progress....but let's be positive, I've tidied my sewing room so I can at least see what I'm doing and, drum roll, it's 2012 and this is the year I go to Japan with Nat and Bryan on the inaugural Japanese Textile Study Tour and I'm very excited about it.  What are your textile plans for 2012?


  1. Happy New Year from Tokyo!
    Take care in the wind!
    The beach hut shopping list holders are beautiful. Great colour combination.
    I, too, will make use of TASTs weekly embroidery project and work on some samplers. Like you I want to think out ways to incorporate more embroidery in my quilts.
    I can highly recommend taking part in Region 9's BOM. As you know Jacquie asked me to 'test' the pattern so I have already done my BOM and it was great fun. I am also happy with the result.
    For 2012, I will complete a lot of UFOs but also make a comfort cushion for a friend who is seriously ill and my head is full of other projects.

  2. Love your shopping list caddies. Very pretty. Good luck on the Pin Tangle. Looks lovely, but I have so much other stuff to try...
    Are those your hands holding the snake? He is a handsome critter.

  3. Love the beachhuts! And the snake, (we used to have a florida king snake)

  4. Those Beach Huts are wonderful!
    Their roofs would have blown off today!

  5. Sam always brings me to your blog. His image is a tease to the eye! Happy New Year Lis. Start a new year with many new project, good on you. I wish I could think of some new projects, but still have heaps more to do for the tour, but it's all fun stuff. See you in Tokyo...!

  6. Wow isn't it just soo windy Lis!It was lovely to see you and Al and I have taken your advice and laid my jelly roll out on the clothes horse and that I'm afraid is all I have done . . .oh and decided to do the pattern you did Al!
    Great weather for crafting ;-))
    Love and hugs Georgie xx


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